Will's current work utilizes a variety of materials and techniques such as direct painting, silk screen and other image transfer methods to explore various social and personal narratives.  Heavily developed texture and aggressive mark making are used to navigate the viewer through deep, atmospheric space that envelops different architectural structures and/or figures.  These photographic elements, as well as certain aesthetic decisions carry cultural significance that, in context with subsequent layers of media, help to explain the intent of each piece.  Vivid color and photo realistic imagery are often overpainted with textured paint, then selectively revealed through a subtractive technique giving each piece exaggerated depth and dimension.       


Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Will developed an interest in the arts at an early age.  After graduating high school, he went on to receive his BFA and MFA in painting and drawing from East Carolina University where he broadened his understanding of how fine art aesthetics and deconstructive thought can work together to represent culture in ways that many viewers connect with.  Since then, Will along with his daughter Ainsley, have settled in Raleigh, NC where he is represented by Adam Cave Fine Art.  In addition to painting, Will is an acclaimed musician and composer who's work is distributed and performed internationally.